Color of Money

What is the color of your money?

One of the easiest ways to figure out where you should have your retirement assets allocated is to use a color system. We have created a simple way for you to categorize your retirement assets into Red, Yellow, and Green Money.

Red Money

These assets are risky but provide the best opportunity for growth.

Yellow Money

Yellow assets still have interest rate and volatility risk. Professional money managers can help minimize the risk and provide solid growth opportunities.

Green Money

Green money is designed for guarantees. There may not be as much growth potential as other assets but you can be assured that your account will never go down.

Don't overlook your risk exposure within your asset allocation.

Asset allocation is a critical component to your overall financial plan and can have a dramatic impact on your retirement future.

Do you know what color your money is? Do you know how much money you should have in Red, Yellow, or Green?

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