Footage courtesy of Joe Blake

You're Invited

As one of the most elite producers in the country, you already know the air can get pretty thin at the top. That’s why you’re invited to join top financial professionals from across the country for a breath of fresh air at the annual Gradient Gala in the spectacular Rocky Mountains of Canada.

If you produce over $12 million* in the qualification period, you are invited to attend the Gradient Grand Gala where you will soak in the vast wonders and breathtaking beauty of Canada at Chateau Lake Louise.

At the 2016 Gradient Gala, we invite you to go north and explore the great outdoors!

Banff, Canada

Set against the majestic profile of the Rocky Mountains of Canada, Canada’s first national park encompasses world-renowned hot springs, lush pine forests, and picturesque glacial lakes.

The 2016 Gradient Grand Gala and the Gradient Gala are both situated in the heart of Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banff National Park is a clear pinnacle of natural perfection and grandeur: be awed by the still emerald blue of Lake Louise, humbled by towering snowcapped mountains, and rejuvenated by soaking in natural hot springs.

When you’re done exploring the wilderness, the nearby town of Banff provides an idyllic and charming change of scenery. Boasting an alluring arts scene, unforgettable fine dining, and enchanting nightlife, a stroll through Banff completes your visit to this fairytale landscape.