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Read GI's Jeremy Bryan's advice for nervous investors at the end of this Kiplinger articlekiplinger.com/article/investing/T038-C008-S003-how-nervous-investors-should-play-the-trump-rally

4 hours ago

US markets fairly (not fully) valued & int'l picks more attractive today, says via @bizrpt nbr.com/2017/02/17/nightly-business-report-february-17-2017/ (17:38)

Feb 17

Be sure to catch Portfolio Manager Mariann Montagne on CNBC/PBS NightlyBusinessReport tonight at 5:30pm CT!

Feb 13

Silver & Gold (holdings in our ETFendowment & PreciousMetals strategies) continue to rise! $SIVR up 12.64% & $IAU up 7.3% year to date.

Feb 13

Portfolio Manager Jeremy Bryan addresses "The Case For Dividend Stock Investing" in our newest MarketReflections gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

Feb 3

Chief Investment Officer Wayne Schmidt talks about "The Road Ahead" for this month's GI MarketCommentary gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

Jan 25


Jan 24

Portfolio Manager Mariann Montagne discusses PreciousMetals in this week's GI Market Reflection: gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

Jan 20

.'s portfolio mgr talks about the firm's actively managed international stock portfolio w/ @usnewsmoney.usnews.com/investing/articles/2017-01-20/how-global-blue-chip-stocks-may-balance-portfolios

Jan 16

GI weighs in on international investing @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/5284265275001/?#sp=show-clips

Jan 16

It's time to look into investing in international companies, says via @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/5284265275001/?#sp=show-clips

Jan 15

Got to love the MNWild right now!

Jan 12

An outperforming portfolio mgr recommends a shift to non-U.S. dividendstocks-@MarketWatch features on.mktw.net/2j4PCGm

Jan 10

"Year In Review": Chief Investment Officer Wayne Schmidt analyzes 2016 in this month's MarketCommentary gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

Jan 10

G50 holding $GM +5% today, near 2 year high, as mgmt raised EPS guidance driven by increased profit margins and $5 bil share buyback plan

Jan 4

Great week at the gradientsummit and a special guest! Thanks to @TimTebowjQlEIbQmCJ

Jan 4

$GM, a G50 holding, just announced Dec. US sales + 10%, well ahead of 1% consensus expectations. Stock is up 2% on the news.

Jan 3

Brace for a New World of Rising Treasury Yields - discusses w/ @KitcoNewsNOW kitco.com2017-01-03/Brace-for-a-New-World-of-Rising-Treasury-Yields

24 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the GI Team!

19 Dec 2016

Gradient Tactical Rotation GTR featured in @IBDinvestors momentum @PowerSharesinvestors.com/etfs-and-funds/etfs/rotating-with-etfs-among-10-global-sectors-leads-to-successful-strategy/

5 Dec 2016

Binger talks holidaystocks and the momentum in high beta on @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/5236578555001/?#sp=show-clips

5 Dec 2016

How do you spot a bargain stock? starts by keeping an eye on blue chips. Hear more via @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/5236578555001/?#sp=show-clips

5 Dec 2016

Tune in @ 3:45 ET: 's Senior Portfolio Manager joins @FoxBusiness to talk holiday deals in REITs & telecom services sector

5 Dec 2016

Our Energy Sector Focus strategy is up more than 35% YTD after fees reflecting recent OPEC pact & announced US production cuts alpha

1 Dec 2016

$BLUE is up 24% this a.m. on overwhelming positive results in Ph.1 tests of its Rx for patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma

30 Nov 2016

Big month for the gradienttactial in sphb oil energy financials momentum GTR @PowerShares

21 Nov 2016

Check out this weeks Gradient Investments MarketReflection! "Rising Interest Rates - What Do We Do?" gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

21 Nov 2016

Markets hit all time highs, oil rallies! sphb another nice day!

21 Nov 2016

Good buy in G50 Target $TGT in the high $60's. Fundamentals appear to be turning positive. Looking for good holiday selling season.

14 Nov 2016

Another solid day for the gradienttactical sphb @PowerShares

9 Nov 2016

Wild 24 hour ride with Gradient Tactical Rotation ending up 3.5% today sphb GTR @PowerShares

3 Nov 2016

With the S&P 500 at 2100 these pre-election jitters are creating lots of buy opportunities in both Growth and Value stocks #S&P Russell2K

31 Oct 2016

. joins @FoxBusiness to talk about a Dec. rate hike & how election results will impact the marketvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/5191612275001/?#sp=show-clips

26 Oct 2016

Apple's holiday surprise: big sales, not so big profits - talks $AAPL w/ @Reutersreuters.com/article/us-apple-results-idUSKCN12P2US?il=0

24 Oct 2016

$RAI a G50 holding, received an offer from $BTI to purchase rest of company for $56.50 per share. Nice gain for G50 clients that day!

14 Oct 2016

MariannMontage GI Senior Investment Analyst recaps the GIEliteAdvisorForum in this week's GI Market Reflection! gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

14 Oct 2016

GI Elite Advisor Forum fireside chat with GI Senior Portfolio Manager Mike Binger @mbinger1 and Greg Brown, founder of @Brown_Financial.PbqWDUT8ja

10 Oct 2016

Oil futures are rising again by 3% to close at $51.35 per barrel, on Russia's signal that it will limit supply in an effort to boost prices.

5 Oct 2016

Stocks close higher as financials, energy jump more than 1% - talks oil & the markets via @CNBCcnbc.com/2016/10/05/us-markets

6 Oct 2016


3 Oct 2016

$UA a Gradient 33 holding, is an official sponsor of the RyderCup where the US reclaimed the cup in nearby Chaska MN for 1st time since 08!

29 Sep 2016

. on the fed, markets & gold via @Reutersreuters.com/article/global-precious-idUSL3N1C42KD

23 Sep 2016

Meet the giinvestmentteamhttps://vimeo.com/gfg/review/183330467/5135361432

12 Sep 2016

AAPL, a G50 holding, announced its latest iPhone which will be introduced to twice as many countries as the previous iPhone 2 years ago.

9 Sep 2016

Value Stocks Are Still Available in a Bull Market - lends insight on where to invest money.usnews.com/investing/articles/2016-09-09/value-stocks-are-still-available-in-a-bull-market @USNewsMoney

2 Sep 2016

Check out our latest Market Commentary and remember to Go For The Gold with your investments! gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

31 Aug 2016

G50 holding PackagingCorpofAmerica $PKG raises dividend 14.5%! Now that’s an inflation hedge!

31 Aug 2016

On CNBC Leon Cooperman thinks G33 holding Netflix $NFLX is an acquisition target eventually. Says it will go for a nice premium.

29 Aug 2016

Fed chair spoke at JacksonHole & pointed toward raising rates by year end given improving economy. Good chance of Sept or Dec rate hike

25 Aug 2016

Gradient_Invest welcomes the 8% dividend hike announcement today from long time G50 holding Altria $MO

22 Aug 2016

. joins @bizrpt to discuss dividend stocks & how the team builds the G50 portfolio (1:50 mark)nbr.com/2016/08/19/nightly-business-report-august-19-2016/

15 Aug 2016

91% of S&P 500 companies have reported earnings to date for Q2, 70% have reported earnings above the mean estimate. earnings

15 Aug 2016

g50 re-balance last week, a lot of profit taking! are hiw

26 Jul 2016

Apple preview: Experts expect a big plunge in earnings- on being bullish on $AAPL via @YahooFinancefinance.yahoo.comapple-earnings-preview-decline-stock-000000813

14 Jul 2016

Why the market will leap in 2017 - 's Mike Binger discusses one-on-one w/ @LizClaman on @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/5035899472001/why-the-market-will-leap-in-2017/?#sp=show-clips

12 Jul 2016

g50 dividend stock portfolio and GTactical portfolio both up more than 10% in 2016 through June! alpha gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/investment-videos

12 Jul 2016

Hear why says healthcare stocks are still worth buying today via @CNBCvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000533700&play=1

21 Jun 2016

Stocks mostly higher after Yellen comments; Brexit vote eyed via @CNBC, featuring 's insightcnbc.com/2016/06/21/us-markets

20 Jun 2016

Mike Binger, CFA on @PowerLunch talking market rally and 2 stocks he likes G50video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000527060

6 Jun 2016

G50 sold CBRL after it spiked higher on sales and earnings and divvy news

23 May 2016

g33 holding SAAS buyout is always nice to see!

18 May 2016

$AEO $CRM $CSCO all great earnings tonite! Clean sweep for GI portfolios

18 May 2016

G33 holding $SAAS (inContact) has agreed to be bought at a 55% premium to yesterday’s close by $NICE (NICE-Systems)

13 May 2016

. joins @CNBC to discuss picking the right blue chips for your portfoliovideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000517256

12 May 2016

Oil should stay in $40s. Build in globalinventories of oil should slow to 200k bpd in 2H16 from 1.3 mm 1H16, per IEA. GIEnergyPortfolio

26 Apr 2016

Looking to invest in $AAPL? discusses the stock w/ @Reutersreuters.com/article/us-apple-results-idUSKCN0XN22I

25 Apr 2016

A busy week for as 31 of our 91 portfolioholdings report quarterly earnings this week - high tech through highyield!

14 Apr 2016

3 top funds to rocket fuel your retirement - read why picked an emergingmarket fund via @USATODAY usat.ly/1p0NJM5

14 Apr 2016

Global Oilmarkets will “move close to balance” in 2nd half 2016 says IEA . Would be good for Energy Portfolio.

7 Apr 2016

Volatility, interestrates & gold - covers each on @CNBCvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000507824&play=1

4 Apr 2016

Bondyields fell as prices rose, with the benchmark 10-year US Treasuries yielding 1.79% at week’s end, down 11 basis points.

30 Mar 2016

.'s senior investment analyst offers her views on investing in the copper market to @businessbloomberg.comarticles/2016-03-29/aluminum-copper-advance-as-u-s-home-sales-rose-dollar-fell

28 Mar 2016

Bond prices declined and yields rose slightly with benchmark 10-year UStreasuries at 1.90%, up 3 basis points at their close Thursday.

22 Mar 2016

. addresses risk & reward when it comes to energy stocks via @WSJblogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2016/03/22/energy-stocks-are-the-most-expensive-in-sp-500/

15 Mar 2016

Gold continues to gain, as represented by the @iShares GoldTrust a Endowment & CV Portfolio holding up 19% year to date!

8 Mar 2016

GI's CNBC appearance cancelled today, I guess LL getting ripped is more important alwaysnexttime

3 Mar 2016

. makes the case for owning dividend stocks via @USNewsMoney whymoney.usnews.com/investing/articles/2016-03-03/why-you-should-own-dividend-stocks

25 Feb 2016

Nice day for the G33! $POWR buyout stock up 88% and $CRM great quarter stock up 9%! g33portfolio

17 Feb 2016

Stockmarkets higher 2/16 - news that Saudi Arabia & Russia to freeze oil output at Januarys levels if other major producers agreed to same

12 Feb 2016

Mike Binger's bullish call on TWTR Always great to be on @PowerLunchvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000493735

12 Feb 2016

Should you be investing in $TWTR? 's senior portfolio manager makes his case on @CNBCvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000493735

12 Feb 2016

Tune in to @CNBC @PowerLunch at 1:30 ET today to hear what has to say about the markets & where to invest

9 Feb 2016

Bondprices rose and yields fell, to close with a 1.84% yield on the 10-year Treasuries - GI markettalk

1 Feb 2016

Crude oil futures rose 4.6% for the week, and rose 12.8% from its close last Monday.

1 Feb 2016

The stockmarket rose 1.8% for the week to close at 1940.24!

1 Feb 2016

Bondprices rose and yields declined, by 11 basis points for the 10-year Treasuries to close at 1.93%.

26 Jan 2016

Should you invest in $AAPL? Tune in to @FoxBusiness at 12:50 ET today to see why is bullish on the stock.

25 Jan 2016

Check out 's weekly reflection - it's all about stocks oil and volatility gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

25 Jan 2016

Oil futures prices rose 5.1% to close at $32.25 per barrel, driving the general stockmarket higher toward the end of the week. @Gradient

25 Jan 2016

The stockmarket rose, with the SandP gaining 1.4% to close at 1906.90 for the week. stocktalk @twentysixteen

20 Jan 2016

Bondprices rose last week and yields fell, with the 10-Yr. treasuries now yielding 2.03% or down 10 basis points. bonds

18 Jan 2016

Markets were down last week-SP closing at 1880 or down 2% Growth stocks have been the hardest hit with the NASDAQ down 10.4% year to date.

14 Jan 2016

gradientsummit in full swing featuring Konnexme, G Tactical Rotation and @EmmittSmith22

13 Jan 2016

BondPrices rose and yields declined last week, with 10-year Treasuries closing at a 2.13% yield, down 14 basis points for the week.

13 Jan 2016

For the week, the SP500 closed at 1922.03, down 6% vs a 21% decline in the ChineseStockMarket.

13 Jan 2016

“China Pressures – A Not So Happy Start to the New Year” ChinaStocks newyear gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

6 Jan 2016

China, globaleconomy & future ratehikes - foxbusiness.com/markets/2016/01/06/us-futures-fall/ @VictoriaCraig

5 Jan 2016

interestrates rose slightly last week, with the 10-year Treasuries yielding 2.27% at yearend, up 10 bp for the full year.

4 Jan 2016

oil closed the year at $37.04, down 2.7% from the prior week and down 30.5% for the year.

4 Jan 2016

The sp500 closed last week at 2043.94 in light holiday trading, down 0.83% from the prior week.

4 Jan 2016

Globalmarkets have started off the NewYear on a downbeat as weak growth in China’s economy led to a steep drop in the Chinese stock market

30 Dec 2015

Check out @GI_Daily’s Mariann Montagne, CFA featured in @BloombergBusiness bloombergbloomberg.comarticles/2015-12-30/gamestop-says-we-re-no-radioshack-as-investors-doubts-increase

23 Dec 2015

Don’t miss @GI_Daily’s Mike Binger, CFA, talk investment markets live on @FoxBusiness at 2:50pm CT! markettalk

18 Dec 2015

New addition to the G50 was Darden $DRI. Good quarter, good 2016 guidance, raises the divvy and a new buyback. All things we like to see.

11 Nov 2015

How can financialadvisors grow & engage clients? @GI_daily offers a few ways via this @finplan piece financial-planning.com/30days-30ways/how-advisors-can-grow-and-engage-their-client-base-2694742-1

3 Dec 2015

Wayne Schmidt, CFA Monthly Market Commentary "On the Brink" gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

7 Jul 2015

GI was named to the "50 fastest growing RIA" list for the 2nd year in a row in Financal Advisor Magazine! /userfiles/2015_FA_Issues/July_2015/FA_Top50_2015_web.pdf

28 May 2015

.@GI_daily joins @CNBC to discuss why 2015 will be a "flatish" year, with earnings growth accelerating in 2016video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000383767&play=1

28 May 2015

Watch Mike Binger, CFA live on @CNBC @PowerLunch around 130 EST!

12 May 2015

.@GI_daily joins @CNBC to weigh in on $VZ's deal w/ AOL - see why the firm is bullish on $VZvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000378920&play=1

12 May 2015

Dow briefly turns positive as yields reverse gains; oil weighs on transports cnbc.com/id/102670799 @CNBC @GI_daily

10 May 2015

Is the U.S. market fairly valued? Mike Binger, CFA weighs in gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

21 Apr 2015

Five Reasons to Consider Investing in ETFs Instead of MutualFunds blog.sigfig.com/investing-advice/five-reasons-to-consider-investing-in-etfs-instead-of-mutual-funds/ @GI_daily

13 Apr 2015

Who benefits from the strong dollar? Mariann Montagne, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

3 Apr 2015

Time for investors to get into financials? video.foxbusiness.com/v/4150113607001/time-for-investors-to-get-into-financials/?#sp=show-clips @GI_daily @FoxBusiness

25 Mar 2015

Mike Binger, CFA talks stocks and the market on @FoxBusiness gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/media

2 Mar 2015

.@GI_daily Launches Tactical Investment Portfolio thinkadvisor.com/2015/03/01/top-portfolio-products-vanguard-to-launch-alt-fund @ThinkAdvisor

26 Feb 2015

GI's Mariann Montagne, CFA featured on @FoxBusiness tlaking stocks and 2015 investing ideas @GregoryFCA . gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/media

24 Feb 2015

Currently a stock-picker’s market? @GI_daily weighs in via @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/4076692975001/currently-a-stock-pickers-market/?#sp=show-clips

24 Feb 2015

The G33 sold AAPL stock yesterday. Hard to do, but now trades at 14X for 7% eps growth next yr. It's been great, love to buy it lower.

19 Feb 2015

2015 Market Themes from Mike Binger, CFA invest gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

17 Feb 2015

G50 initiated position in @UPS last Friday. Today talk of activist shareholders getting involved. UPS good company, temporarily grounded

17 Feb 2015

Is the economy strong enough to raise interest rates? video.foxbusiness.com/v/4060032733001/is-the-economy-strong-enough-to-raise-interest-rates/?#sp=show-clips @FoxBusiness @GI_daily

17 Feb 2015

good earnings at Waste Management @WM It's a G50 holding performing well today. Great dividend company and buying back a lot of stock

16 Feb 2015

GI's Mike Binger, CFA on @FoxBusiness today at 3PM Central and GI's Mariann Montagne, CFA on next Mon! Tune in if you can. @GregoryFCA

16 Feb 2015

Its been a voaltile start says Wayne Schmidt, CFA, Chief Investment Officer. gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

6 Feb 2015

.@BloombergRadio Taking Stock: Binger Discusses Investing in Tech, E-commerce media.bloomberg.com/bb/avfile/Markets/Analyst_Calls/vTimO.0EaMgE.mp3 - @GI_daily found at 1:18

3 Feb 2015

Gradient Tactical Rotation strategy is live and off to a great start in 2015! GTR gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/investment-videos

14 Jan 2015

.@GI_daily welcomes new senior investment analyst gradient-investments-welcomes-new-senior-investment-analyst-20439 @FAmagazine

2 Feb 2015

Small-Cap Stocks Gain as Large-Caps Falter wsj.com/articles/small-cap-stocks-gain-as-large-caps-falter-1422826913 @WSJ @GI_daily

23 Jan 2015

Crude Oil Price Plunge: Stocks That Should Benefit - @GI_daily discusses w/ @IBDinvestorsnews.investors.com/investing-mutual-funds/012215-735866-how-to-play-the-crude-oil-plunge.htm

1 Feb 2015

GI talks energy and earnings on CNBC! gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/media

1 Feb 2015

"Fireworks Overseas" Mike Binger, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

23 Jan 2015

Is oil a buy? Mike Binger, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

13 Jan 2015

2014 in review, Wayne Schmidt, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

9 Dec 2014

Gradient Gives Back awards a family in Chicago!wgntv.com/2014/12/09/needy-family-has-mortgage-paid-for-a-year/

19 Nov 2014

"Shock and awe" Wayne Schmidt, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

28 Oct 2014

.@GI_daily's CIO shares his market thoughts w/ @WSJRadio podcast.mktw.net/wsj/audio/20141028/pod-wsjwnschmidtstoxopen/pod-wsjwnschmidtstoxopen.mp3

20 Oct 2014

Mike Binger, CFA explains the "choppy waters" of late: gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

1 Oct 2014

GI Elite Advisor Forum, a lot of great advisors, sponsors and speaker in Minneapolis! @TDA4advisors @iShares @PowerShares @orionadvisor

9 Sep 2014

Its hard to time a rising market! read more from Mike Binger, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

10 Jul 2014

"Earnings, it's that time again" by Mike Binger, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

3 Jul 2014

"Goldilocks Economy", Wayne Schmidt, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

28 May 2014

6 Smart Ways to Get Ahead of Rising Interest Rates - @GI_daily's CIO weighs inthefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/05/28/6-Smart-Ways-Get-Ahead-Rising-Interest-Rates

1 May 2014

"Going Nowhere....Fast" from CIO Wayne Schmidt, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

11 Apr 2014

Earnings jitters to blame for the market selloff? @GI_daily's Senior Portfolio Manager discusses on @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/3454137520001/earnings-jitters-to-blame-for-the-market-selloff/#sp=show-clips

11 Apr 2014

Mike Binger,CFA appeared on @FoxBusiness yesterday, the market is volatile as of late, listen in to his thoughts..video.foxbusiness.com/v/3454137520001/earnings-jitters-to-blame-for-the-market-selloff/#sp=show-clips&v=3454137520001

10 Apr 2014

Catch Sr. Portoflio Manager Mike Binger, CFA live today at 4 EST on @FoxBusiness @FBNATB

3 Apr 2014

This market has "Something for Everyone"! by CIO Wayne Schmidt, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

18 Mar 2014

The #;G33 sold its $UA position today at $123, bought it 14 months ago at $48. Clearly been a winner, but PEG ratio went over 2.0X

11 Mar 2014

Wondering where the market is heading? See what @GI_daily thinks via @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/3323760178001/markets-in-the-5th-year-of-a-decades-long-rally/#sp=show-clips

25 Feb 2014

Mike Binger, CFA Market Reflection "This is an impressive market!" gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

30 Jan 2014

Michael Binger, CFA thoughts on the bumpy start to 2014: gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

24 Jan 2014

How can financial advisers make time for client-facing activities? @GI_daily is featured in this @WSJ pieceonline.wsj.comarticles/SB10001424052702304632204579338662660320466

24 Jan 2014

Bonds: Where to find higher yields cnnmon.ie/1hMi3SB via @Money & @GI_daily's CIO

20 Jan 2014

"2013 Review and 2014 Market Outlook" webinar on Fri 1.31 @ 3PM Central! Register now: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/204961494

20 Jan 2014

.@GI_daily Senior Portfolio Manager joins @cherylcasone on @FoxBusiness to cover investment opportunitiesvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/3081608635001/buying-opportunities/?playlist_id=933116624001#sp=show-clips

16 Jan 2014

.@GI_daily Senior Portfolio Manager weighs in on retail stocks on @CNBC w/ @SullyCNBC & @MandyCNBCvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000236452

6 Jan 2014

"Whats your mindset in 2014?" Check out CIO Wayne Schmidt's Market Commentary as we enter a NEW YEAR! gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

11 Dec 2013

Michael Binger, CFA Market Reflection "Winding Down 2013" gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

6 Dec 2013

Market Commentary "Who's Driving the Bus?" by GI's CIO Wayne Schmidt, CFA gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary

27 Nov 2013

Mike Binger, CFA Market Reflection: "putting 2013 in perspective" gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections?id=603

20 Nov 2013

GI's Mike Binger, CFA on @cnbc @StreetSignsCNBC on 10.28.2013 and liked JCP....did you buy?video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000211851

7 Nov 2013

G33 stock Santarus to be acquired by Salix at $32 per share, G33 originally purchased at $10.87 and today it trades at $23 profits

29 Oct 2013

Mike Binger, CFA talks @jcpenney stock on @CNBC and a shout out to the @TheLocalMpls in Minneapolis!video.cnbc.com/gallery/?play=1&video=3000211851

28 Oct 2013

Is there opportunity in $JCP? See what @GI_daily had to say on @CNBC w/ @MandyCNBC & @SullyCNBCvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?play=1&video=3000211851

22 Oct 2013

Not enough jobs created in September? @GI_daily discusses w/ @cherylcasone on @FoxBusinessvideo.foxbusiness.com/v/2761424621001/not-enough-jobs-created-in-september/?playlist_id=933116624001

16 Oct 2013

Our thoughts written 10.8.2013 on the GOVT debacle, looks like a deal is near. gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

27 Sep 2013

Take a look at the G33 Growth Portfolio investment process and results; gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

24 Sep 2013

Lots of debt ceiling rhetoric, not sure why. Last 20 yrs ceiling has been raised 18 times. It will be raised again, market will shrug it off

17 Sep 2013

Mike Binger's take on the recent FED Chairman developments: gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

3 Sep 2013

GI's Mike Binge ron FOX BUSINESS..his take on Syria, Tapering and much more. @FoxBusiness @GregoryFCA video.foxbusiness.com/v/2638751096001/markets-more-fearful-of-the-fed-than-syria/?playlist_id=933116624001

23 Aug 2013

GI Weekly Market Reflection "A busy August at Gradient Investments" gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

14 Aug 2013

Cramer talking liquid natural gas on TV, recommending GTLS. Gradient 33 Portfolio has owned it all year, it's up 85% YTD I like the call!

13 Aug 2013

Did you listen to Binger on July 3rd? He called AAPL bottom around $420...today over $480. G33video.foxbusiness.com/v/2524815568001/playing-the-markets-ups-and-downs/

Orion Advisor @orionadvisor 9 Aug 2013

We love seeing some of the great things our advisors do. Check out this by our friends at @GI_daily gradientgivesback.com/

7 Aug 2013

Time to invest internationally? gimarketreflection gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

18 Jul 2013

GI is growing...as reported by a 3rd party GI is 20th of 266 RIA/money mgmt firms YTD (end June) for change in AUM..partner with GI today!

11 Jul 2013

Binger appeared on FOX Business last week..market forecast and much more as we hit new highs!vimeopro.com/gfg/michael-binger

21 Jun 2013

GI's CIO will be featured on an upcoming Guggenheim Investments webinar...Expert Series: Fixed Income in Focus. indexuniverse.com/webinars/upcoming-live-webinars

12 Jun 2013

Binger on @FoxBusiness today talking g33 and g50. Listen to his past call on MSFT and current stock picks.video.foxbusiness.com/v/2474650202001/analyst-says-3-factors-to-drive-markets-up/?playlist_id=933116624001

11 Jun 2013

GI's CIO participated in the @iSharesETFs fixed income roundtable in Minneapolis. Poll: 71% believe 10 year will stay 2-2.5% range in 2013

11 Jun 2013

On a down day in the market its nice to see this in the G33 Growth portfoliofvS4einxBO

7 Jun 2013

GI is growing. Today is moving day...Monday AM we will be located at the newly designed Gradient Center! Stop by if you are in MN.

6 Jun 2013

What are your bond market expectations? See what our CIO said early in 2013: gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-commentary?id=413

6 Jun 2013

GI is moving on Friday June 7th! Moving offices isnt fun but outgrowing your old one is a good thing. Come see us in our new space....

5 Jun 2013

Michael Binger, CFA on rising rates... gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

4 Jun 2013

Looks like our streak of 20 straight positive Tuesdays is about to come to an end. It was quite a streak

29 May 2013

Sr Portfolio Manager Mike Binger featured on CNBC Power Lunch. @PowerLunch @CNBCvideo.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000171944&play=1

29 Apr 2013

SP 500 all time highs! No matter when you invested in the past, you're now making money. Tough ride for the tape fighters

26 Apr 2013

GDP for 1st Q was 2.5%. Lower than 3% expectations. Consumer and Business Investment good. Gov't spending weak. Not a bad trade-off

23 Apr 2013

$AAPL beats the quarter, boosts the dividend, raises the buyback. All good, stock up, better product cycle coming up.

23 Apr 2013

Markets strong! Economic data from Germany was so weak, market now expects additional Eurozone stimulus. Good for stocks

19 Apr 2013

Stock selection process is important, two companies report eps, both tech, IBM down $13, GOOG up $18.

15 Apr 2013

Weak Chinese economic data over the weekend. Hurts commodities and gold/silver. All getting hit hard today

10 Apr 2013

$MSFT chart is really starting to break out. Treating the Gradient 50 Portfolio very well! Good chart and 3.3% dividend yield

9 Apr 2013

$MSFT chart looking real good. Price is now above its 200 day and 50 day moving average. Next stop is the Golden Cross

2 Apr 2013

Safeway (SWY) having another good day in the G50. Last night Cramer said buy it. Gradient bought in August of 2012 at $16. Its $26 today!

28 Mar 2013

GI Reflection: March Madness in the Equity Market! gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

25 Mar 2013

Apple stock continues to trade higher. Now above its 50 day moving average. Gradient been pushing this stock off the lows! Up $7 today

22 Mar 2013

G33 sold its Wisdom Tree position yesterday. WETF was up a whopping 75% year to date. Awesome performer

13 Mar 2013

WETF (Wisdomtree) continues to soar! @wisdomtreeetfs g33Growth

13 Mar 2013

The Dow Jones up 8 days in a row. Its been a terrific ride this year for stocks. Been 17 years since a 9 day winning streak occurred.

11 Mar 2013

General Electric: CEO Immelt says top prior ity is growing the dividend-- CNBC. Good to hear! In the Gradient 50 Portfolio

5 Mar 2013

GI Mike Binger on Fox Business in December 2012 "As I look out into 2013 I see a bunch of tail winds." @FoxBusiness video.foxbusiness.com/v/2046100518001/signs-of-a-bullish-2013/

27 Feb 2013

disappointing, nothing on cash distribution from AAPL shareholder meeting. No stock split either

27 Feb 2013

Capital goods orders very good today. GI talks about business confidence and investment as economic tailwinds. Trend continues

26 Feb 2013

rumor out there that aapl will announce a stock split tomorrow. I think that's a positive for the stock if true

26 Feb 2013

Binger talked about a rebounding housing market and strong consumer confidence at our AUM Academy in early Feb.businessinsider.com/consumer-confidence-2013-2

25 Feb 2013

Federal budget sequester happening in 3 days. States hit hardest- VA, MD, DC, HI, AK, NM. Least affected - MN, DE

20 Feb 2013

Unfortunately not all positions work out, Garmin GRMN just released bad earnings in the G50 Need to look for a better opportunity

19 Feb 2013

New Market Reflection on the GI website. Highlights the profit harvesting mechanism built into the Gradient 50 Dividend Portfolio! G50

19 Feb 2013

Google over $800 today! Really helping the G33 growth portfolio lately. That's why we invest in the proven winners of TODAY!

14 Feb 2013

Gradient Investments see's the U.S. energy boom as a big tailwind for the economy and corporate earnings

11 Feb 2013

G33 company Regeneron Pharma $REGN jumps 9% at the open on Sanofi investment. G33

11 Feb 2013

GI's Sr Portfolio Manager Mike Binger will be on CNBC today at 4PM EST. Tune in as Mike shares his market insights and more. @CNBC

7 Feb 2013

25 advisors in Minneapolis for GI's Quarterly AUM Academy. Economic outlook, active income strategies for 2013, and much more.

5 Feb 2013

Binger was on Fox in Dec just before fiscalcliff talking about 2013 expectations. Take a look back at what he said: video.foxbusiness.com/v/2046100518001/signs-of-a-bullish-2013/

4 Feb 2013

Gradient Investments' Sr. Portfolio Manager Mike Binger will be a guest on Fox Business today at 4PM EST! GIinthemedia

31 Jan 2013

Nice day for earnings in the G33 Portfolio! UA and VRTU nice quarters, nice moves up.

30 Jan 2013

GDP was a surprise. It declined? On the surface bad, in reality less war spending was the cause. Consumer and Business did well and grew!

25 Jan 2013

New Market Reflection on the website highlighting all the good things going on at ! gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

25 Jan 2013

Big week in the market! New highs even with AAPL blowing up. The rally is much broader now

24 Jan 2013

US STOCKS-Wall Street advances despite Apple decline reut.rs/149n1Td via @reuters Gradient in the news

24 Jan 2013

AAPL doesn't make the world go round. Lots of opportunity out there. G33

23 Jan 2013

Well, the GOOG magic didn't continue, AAPL earnings inline with expectations. Not good enough for investors looking for a beat :(

23 Jan 2013

Great day for GOOG in the G33, we're expecting more of the same for AAPL after they report tonite

22 Jan 2013

Watching escalating military tension between China and Japan over disputed Senkakus islands. 2 large global economies rattling sabres

18 Jan 2013

High-Yield In Name Only shar.es/4P8xq via @sharethis

17 Jan 2013

At the Summit we talked about a strong housing sector. December housing starts just blew away consensus expectations surging 12.1%!

16 Jan 2013

GI weekly market reflection. backtobasics gradientfinancialgroup.com/gradient-investments/market-reflections

15 Jan 2013

G33 company Santarus (SNTS) recieves FDA approval for Uceris and also raises FY12 and FY13 revenue guidance!