The practice and client relationships you have always wanted can be crafted through proper use of technology and transparency in your business process. The New Generation Planning Platform is a proprietary business model for your financial practice(s) that engages and educates consumers by empowering them through unique technology and minimizes your administrative costs through automated and effective processes. When you work with the Gradient Financial Group family of companies, the New Generation Planning Platform will be tailored to your licensure and unique business structure – and getting started is turnkey.


In today’s world, doing what is in a client’s best interest is more than just a regulatory standard – it is also the most reliable way to build a practice of value.

Consumers seek a trusted advisor – someone who is educated, effective, experienced and, most importantly, looking out for the consumer’s best interest.

Instilling trust begins with the Generational Vault. This secure, cloud-based portal makes being forthright and open with your clients about your compensation, business structure and services an intrinsic element of your practice. It is right and proper that financial professionals disclose any pertinent facts about their firm, document their actions and decision-making processes, and then make this documentation readily available to consumers.

Transparency is an essential part of being a New Generation Planner.


The paths to complete transparency and operating a profitable practice often run parallel to each other, but using appropriate technology can help them converge into one. Our ongoing investment in technology is with this key goal in mind.

When your practice is built on sound processes and powered by the correct technology, then documentation, disclosure and record keeping do not create an administrative burden.

The KonnexME system serves as the foundation of New Generation Technology and was specifically designed to help financial services professionals grow their business the right way and provide ongoing customer care. The system is guided by the belief that every aspect of a practice should be enabled and automated – from marketing and prospecting to data collection using Strategy Assessments to compliance and record keeping.


Consultative planning is core to our business practice. Financial strategies are only appropriate when they support the consumer’s stated goals, values and objectives. By providing non-biased support for case design, the Case Central team ensures consumers’ best interests are served.

The planning process needs to be accompanied by ongoing education, support and monitoring to help ensure plans are properly implemented and executed. Consumers who clearly understand the financial decisions they make today are much less likely to be enticed into making poor decisions in the future.

This methodology perfectly aligns with the need for transparency. The financial decisions made today will often be revisited in the future by the consumer or their family. When the planning process has been well documented, it is much easier to understand why certain decisions were made.

Practice Management

Building a business of worth is not a single event, but instead is an ongoing process that hinges upon effective practice management. Consumers’ needs are constantly evolving and require dynamic solutions that can evolve with them.

Practice management ensures you have the technology, tools and expertise necessary to continue serving the best interests of your clients, while simultaneously adapting to regulatory or industry changes.

Virtual Advisor and the KonnexME system contains automated workflows that are fundamental to creating a transparent practice uniquely attuned to the needs of consumers and capable of delivering comprehensive plans.

However, tools are only one part of constantly improving your practice – the other is constantly improving your own skills. We are committed to supporting you through our training universities and academies, which cover product knowledge, industry trends and changes, best businesses practices and market conduct.

New Generation Planning Process

Transparency – Technology – Planning – Practice Management

The New Generation Planning Process is much more than an ideal – it is a process for growing and managing your practice and sales process. When you work with a member of the Gradient Financial Group family of companies and implement the New Generation Planning Platform, you use the KonnexME platform to leverage an automated, technology-enabled system to manage your prospecting, marketing, appointment, compliance and record keeping process.

When you first implement the New Generation Planning Process, our team will customize our system and tools to fit your practice.

It all starts with technology. The KonnexME system is specifically designed for financial services professionals. It is field-tested and fireproof – adaptable to your practice and able to assist your disclosure, documentation and record keeping. Every step of the New Generation Planning Process is programmed into KonnexME and ready to execute with the press of a button.

You will also receive the New Generation Planning Branding Package, a full suite of print, video and web collateral to get you ready to show the world the quality of your practice:

  • Logo Design
  • Pocket Folder Design
  • Firm Brochure Design
  • Welcome Kit Design
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Corporate Flyer
  • Company Website, Including Required BIC Disclosure Content
  • Access to Our Free Website Creation Tool
  • KonnectED Prospecting (Includes a Package of Lead Generation Landing Pages)
  • Website Maintenance and Hosting
  • Financial Pathfinder Consumer Videos
  • Welcome to the Website and About Us Videos

With the KonnexME system in place, it is ready to be loaded with your preferred marketing messages. You will find more than a dozen ready-to-use topics in our Advisor BaseCamp inventory:

  • Color of Money Risk Analysis
  • Asset Map
  • Empowering Women
  • Managing Qualified Money
  • Legacy Maximization
  • Portfolio Analysis Review
  • Rainy Day Program
  • Retirement Forecaster
  • A Place in Your Portfolio
  • Retirement X-Ray

For each of these topics, you can choose to execute your campaigns in a variety of ways: direct mail, email drip campaigns, seminars, radio shows and ads, consumer videos and TV ads, among others.

When you are enabled by the KonnexME system and the Generational Vault, communicating with your prospects becomes a seamless process. Regardless of the medium you use, your prospect will always be offered the chance to visit your main company site or one of the lead capture splash pages we create for you.

As an automated system, any online prospecting activity immediately syncs back to your Virtual Advisor account and prompts you to take the appropriate next step. Intelligent follow-up email campaigns continue to engage your prospect until they are ready to request a face-to-face meeting with you, attend one of your seminars or other events, or ask for a personalized financial report.

If you have conducted seminars, you know that holding a successful event can be an administrative headache.

The automated workflows in the New Generation Planning Process allows seminars to run much more easily and with less manual intervention. We have helped hundreds of financial professionals grow their practice using seminars, and this wealth of experience has been programmed into Virtual Advisor to keep you on the right track.

Even better, the Generational Vault means the value proposition you present to prospects at these events is more compelling and unique than ever before. The New Generation Retirement Planning Seminar is modular, which allows you to pick and choose from a number of optional modules so you can create the presentation best suited to your practice.

Each topical module includes an offer for a complimentary report, educational white paper or other tool that will give your attendees multiple reasons to want to set an appointment in your office.

Every prospect’s needs are different, but how you conduct your consultation appointments should always follow the same procedure – and smoothly transition from your prospecting process.

The New Generation Planning Process starts with the Color of Money Risk Analysis Strategy Assessment and the Retirement Confidence Strategy Assessment. These Strategy Assessments are online, interactive and self-guided questionnaires that allow your prospect to define how they feel about their money and future plans. Most importantly, these assessments help you understand where your prospect is today, and provide you with solid direction about how you can help them move forward.

The New Generation Planning Process covers five primary topics:

  • Understanding Risk Exposure
  • Generating Income in Retirement
  • Managing and Optimizing Assets
  • Creating a Financial Legacy
  • Exploring Tax Strategies

In addition to these five areas, you will have access to a number of reports and tools that will help you further explore your prospect’s needs.

Establishing a relationship with your client can be a flexible process that uses a combination of face-to face meetings and online data collection. By using the Generational Vault and Strategy Assessments, it’s never been easier for your prospects to get their financial affairs documented and organized, which allows you to be more productive than ever before.

Every step in the New Generation Planning Process is supported and automated by Virtual Advisor. But even better, all the required disclosure, documentation and record keeping is done natively inside the Generational Vault because of the KonnexME technology platform – yet another example of how the proper technology makes transparency a natural extension of your process.

Although you have put a great deal of time and effort into creating a relationship with your new client, their perspective is that your work has just begun.

Consumers expect, and deserve, the highest level of service – not just during the planning process, but for as long as they are in your care.

The KonnexME platform, through the Generational Vault, is an unparalleled method that allows you to continue to communicate with your clients and provide them with excellent service – while simultaneously documenting all your activity with them and updating them with the most recent copies of your Best Interest Contract, ADV II, third-party money manager disclosures or privacy policies, when appropriate.

For years, the Gradient Financial Group family of companies has helped financial services professionals like you prepare for an uncertain future by helping them achieve operational excellence, obtain proper licensure and registration, and implement proprietary technology that supports all aspects of a financial services practice.

The New Generation Planning Process is just the most recent example of our commitment to both the future of our industry and helping you conduct business the right way by growing your practice in a compliant manner.