The founders of Gradient Financial Group, LLC maintain a level of common ownership of these shared services and all affiliated technology platforms. Through the internal and external support and resources these shared services and technology platforms provide, our affiliated financial services professionals are able to help guide their clients to financial success.

RIA Registrar

RIA Registrar is a compliance consulting firm for independent registered investment advisors (RIA). We create strategic partnerships to provide compliance and administration solutions that enable you to operate in good standing.

About Us

We help your business understand the language of compliance and work relentlessly to make sure your company is ready to look and play the part of today’s independent registered investment advisor. Our high-quality services allow you to concentrate on taking care of clients while ensuring you are not in violation of any government regulations. Our services include state and SEC registration, ongoing compliance maintenance, and errors and omissions insurance coverage.

As a fiduciary, you are held to a high standard of conduct: you must protect your clients’ best interests, give sound investment advice, and comply with SEC and state regulations. We provide turnkey solutions that satisfy the needs of registered investment advisors through all stages of growth.

At RIA Registrar, we help you implement numerous ongoing compliance solutions.

Firm Maintenance

A perfect initial filing by an investment firm means nothing a year later. When you take on the mantel of an SEC registered investment advisor, your firm has a duty to maintain everything in a timely fashion. Investment firms are often ill-equipped to handle the constant updates and modifications to their licensing documentation. We provide many maintenance services to firms, including:

  • Customize All RIA Documents With Firm’s Logo
  • Store All Firm Filings and Written Agreements in Document Library Format
  • IARD/CRD Account Servicing
  • Maintain the Uniform Application for Investment Advisor Registration, Including ADV I and ADV 2
  • Updating Business Continuity Plan
  • FINRA’s U4 Application for Securities Industry Registration or Transfer
  • Assist in Preparation of Annual Financial Disclosures
  • Client Agreements
  • Compliance Manuals
  • Annual Renewals
  • Privacy Policy Drafting and Maintenance
  • Ethics Adherence

Books and Record Keeping

Proper maintenance of a firm’s records and books is an essential component of ongoing regulatory compliance. We have both the manpower and knowledge to determine requirements on retaining documents and records. We handle records of many types, in various formats:

  • QuickBooks Support
  • Financial Records
  • Administrative Records
  • Client Records
  • Compliance Records
  • Form ADV

Marketing Media Review

Marketing brings in clients. However, as an RIA, marketing must comply with SEC and/or state advertising rules and guidelines, and all advertising done by a firm must be truthful and accurate. Misleading, fraudulent, deceptive and/or manipulative advertisements are prohibited by both state and federal regulations.

Consider the breadth of items that must be reviewed to ensure SEC marketing compliance:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Seminars
  • Direct Mail
  • Newsletters
  • Websites

Client Correspondence

We review your firm’s marketing materials and provide feedback on its SEC and/or state compliance. We help ensure that your marketing is consistent with the fees and services set forth in your firm’s Form ADV filed with the SEC and/or your state’s securities regulators.

KonnexME is a compliant technology platform that provides you with an unparalleled ability to connect with your clients. It’s the infrastructure and support you need to excel and your clients need to achieve financial independence.

Technology is a vital aspect of the service your clients deserve. If you think about the choices consumers make, there are many instances where the technology that enables a transaction or service is an important part of the decision-making process.

Imagine working with a bank that didn’t offer online checking or an airline that only booked flight reservations by phone. The technology you choose can make or break your relationship with a client, not to mention the impact it has on how transparent you are, the efficiency of your record keeping process, or the ease with which a client can view their various assets.

The Generational Vault enables a full suite of client services that will forever change their relationship with you and the account they have entrusted to you.


The Generational Vault allows you to upload account information for every account a client has with you. Your clients will be able to log in anytime, day or night, and gain access to important account information. Additionally, your clients can enter other accounts and asset information to calculate their total net worth and keep track of total assets.

Because the Generational Vault is enabled with ByAllAccounts, nearly any asset, policy or account can be synced overnight to update account values. The Wealth Watch service allows you to set triggers that notify you of account value changes. Giving your clients an exceptional level of care has never been so automated.

Document Exchange and Storage

The documents section of the Generational Vault is a secure, cloud-based service that allows you to communicate with your clients without fear of the information falling into the wrong hands.

The Generational Vault is also a perfect platform for you to deliver your Best Interest Contract, ADV Part 2A and 2B Disclosure Brochure, or privacy policy to clients whenever necessary, and collect the client’s Acknowledgment of Receipt. Each document will be time and date stamped and stored indefinitely in the Generational Vault. There is simply no better way to help protect your clients from confusion or miscommunication and ensure your practice isn’t vulnerable to regulatory action or civil litigation.

On-Demand Financial Reports

Your clients will also have access to a full suite of proprietary financial reports, which they can request through automated, interactive Strategy Assessments. Once complete, these Strategy Assessments™ can be easily sent to Case Central for analysis and your review.

Retirement Learning Library

For your clients to enjoy a prosperous retirement they need to have a firm grasp of a few basic concepts. The Retirement Learning Library currently contains eight self-study modules of videos and articles, and is continually updated with new topics. Whenever your clients are ready to learn more about key retirement concepts, they can continue their education right inside their Generational Vault account.

RFID Datablocker Cards

While your clients’ financial lives are protected online through the Generational Vault, you can also help them protect their wallet. By providing clients with their very own RFID DataBlocker Card, you help protect them from a new form of theft that uses credit card readers to scan and steal their financial information. Plus, the card is personalized with your company information and logo.

Growing your practice means you need to get in front of more qualified prospects. But what can you add to your marketing to get you there? If your goal is to significantly grow your practice and increase your production, you need to invest in your marketing and prospecting efforts. It’s likely you have one or two primary prospecting programs, such as seminars or hard mail campaigns, but you probably know there is so much more you should be doing.

If any of these sound familiar …

  • "I don’t know exactly what else to do?"
  • "I don’t have enough time to do it all!"
  • "I’m not organized enough to manage multiple prospecting activities ..."

Virtual Marketing is for you.

  • Ready-to-Go Marketing and Prospecting Programs
  • Proven Social Media Campaigns
  • Team Support to Help Put it Into Action
  • Technology That Can Manage it All

Even better, the Virtual Marketing team uses our KonnexME platform, so all your marketing is conducted with strict adherence to your standards of transparency and disclosure, and helps you maintain a fiduciary level of care for your clients and prospects.

Getting started

If all of this sounds good, you should ask yourself why you didn’t do this earlier.

Perhaps you’ve never really had a partner who was invested enough to help you implement a marketing plan. Maybe it was too hard to compile all the tools needed to make a full-fledged marketing plan a reality. Or it could be that you’ve always found it challenging to be methodical enough to follow a plan.

No matter the reason, Virtual Marketing will help you grow your business into the practice of your dreams. But the first step is up to you.

Are you ready?

Client relationships are the heart of your business, and Virtual Advisor is the system to ensure it maintains a steady beat. As a total business management system, Virtual Advisor helps keep you organized and manage your client relationships in a transparent and well-documented way.

From calendar organization and email tracking to marketing campaign design and online Strategy Assessments™, Virtual Advisor is a total business management system unlike any you’ve seen before, and it’s fully functional on mobile devices so you’ll always be in touch with clients.

As regulatory oversight intensifies, it’s critical to make sure every step of your sales process is documented and that you deliver the required disclosures to your clients – Virtual Advisor is uniquely capable of accomplishing this, and more.

When it comes to building a successful practice, you need more than just good ideas – you need ideas that work. That’s why we created Advisor BaseCamp. It’s not where we keep our good ideas, it’s where we keep our ideas that work.

This is a repository of all the sales tools and winning strategies that we know will help you meet your goals and exceed your clients’ expectations.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your seminar, find a new consumer brochure, or kick off a new prospecting campaign with an effective mail piece, Advisor BaseCamp is where it all begins.

Even better, the tools available here have all been designed to be easily loaded into the KonnexME system and will include your required disclosures.

Gradient Positioning Systems

Gradient Positioning Systems, LLC is our design and advertising firm. When transparency is a fundamental value in your business philosophy and sales process, accountability and open communication are at the crux of everything you do. But that’s just the beginning – visibility is also a critically important element of transparency. You already know who you are, what your services entail, and how you conduct your business – making this clear to your clients through your marketing is one of the first steps toward serving their best interest.

About Us

Gradient Positioning Systems is uniquely attuned to make the value of your practice readily apparent and help your clients understand your services. Inspired by innovation and rooted in results, our creative team allows you to take your practice further. We produce solutions rather than products – solutions that enhance your visibility by distinguishing your brand and clearly communicating your identity. It is the cohesive and dynamic connection between your marketing efforts and business practice that provides results through precision.

For every financial services professional that partners with the Gradient Financial Group family of companies, we recommend the New Generation Planning Branding Package as the perfect way to create a well-managed public image that establishes your credibility and connects you to clients.

In addition to the items in the New Generation Planning Branding Package, our team of graphic designers, web developers and multimedia specialists offer a full menu of marketing tools and multimedia solutions covering a diverse range of topics that may be relevant to your clients.

The NEW GENERATION Planning Branding Package

Print Design
  • Logo Design
  • Pocket Folder Design
  • Firm Brochure Design
  • Welcome Kit Design
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Corporate Flyer
Web Design
  • Premium Company Website, Including Required BIC Disclosure
  • Access to Our Free Website Creation Tool
  • KonnectED Prospecting (Includes Package of Lead Generation Landing Pages)
  • Website Maintenance and Hosting
  • Financial Pathfinder Videos
  • Welcome to the Website and About Us Videos

Financially Tuned Media Group

Financially Tuned Media Group was formed to provide you with the media technology and exposure you need to reach clients and help them achieve their goals in today’s ever-evolving landscape.


Writing a book is a massive undertaking, but our Cover-to-Cover book program ensures your unique ideas and concepts still find their way onto the printed page without monopolizing your time. This program is another way to establish your expertise and help build your practice. It is now easier than ever to hand your clients a resource that will explain financial concepts while building your credibility.

KonnectED Prospecting

Prospects respond to being given the ability to self-direct their education and learn at their own pace. KonnectED Prospecting harnesses cutting-edge technology that is designed to create an online presence that allows you to educate and engage your prospects whenever they choose. While your prospects are busy learning, they are also taking the first step toward becoming your client.


What better way to communicate the kind of financial professional you are, the services you provide, and the types of problems you help solve than to explain them to prospects yourself? Financially Tuned Radio is specifically designed to generate leads and position you as the expert. It is prepared, recorded and produced on your behalf.


Imagine inviting prospects to a local movie theater to premiere the documentary you not only helped produce, but that features on-screen interviews with you as an industry expert. When the film is over, your prospects will have a deep understanding of the issues they face and be ready for your help addressing them. The Box Office documentary program is built from the complete package of customizable marketing material and proven process.


Serving your clients begins with reaching them, and being on television can expand your reach further than you’ve ever imagined. Our team of media professionals can help you breakthrough in a medium that will put the value of the services you and your practice provide in the spotlight!

Social Media

Social media can give you the ability to reach your clients and prospects anywhere and at any time. This makes for a unique experience that, if crafted correctly, can lead to remarkable results. We can help you craft your message and manage your social media presence to make your practice visible, accessible and familiar!

Public Relations

Managing the flow of information between you, your organization and the public is crucial for connecting with your prospects and clients. You need the right strategy to ensure your brand and message hit the right audience. Our industry insiders have access to both national and local networks.

Case Central is a team of CFPs, CPAs and CFAs that helps ensure you give appropriate and balanced recommendations that are in your clients’ best interests. Not all clients are the same – they may have a wide variety of different planning and product needs, which can make it challenging to be prepared for every scenario.

About Us

That’s where Case Central comes in.

Case Central is the first portal of its kind to be introduced to the independent financial services professional and is one of the most advanced systems available in our industry.

Using the Case Central secure web-based portal, you can easily upload key case information and documents. The Case Central team comprehensively analyzes the case to assist you in determining which financial report or tax strategy is necessary for the case design. The team member will then assist you in selecting the appropriate proprietary software program to generate the report(s).

Case Central makes record keeping easy by allowing you to track and document the progress and development of your case every step of the way – a transparent evolution that greatly bolsters your planning process with clients.

To assist with your transparency and documentation, the team conducts their work based on the documents you upload to the Case Central Portal, which are only available to the Case Central team when appropriate, but always available to your clients in their Generational Vault account.

When transparency, documentation and disclosure are enabled by technology, serving the best interest of your clients becomes a naturally integrated outcome of all that you do.

Asset Allocation

Total Portfolio Balance

Strategy Assessment Engine

Providing the highest level of financial care and service to your clients begins with understanding what they need, and it is now easier than ever to uncover your clients’ facts and feelings. With just the click of a button, the Strategy Assessment Engine allows you to collect and upload key case information and documents.

Case Central

Strategy Assessment

Proprietary Financial Analysis

Set Up Appointment #2

The Strategy Assessment Engine is a platform of interactive questionnaires that gathers all the client data necessary for the Case Central team to run the proprietary reports that can help ensure your clients’ receive appropriate recommendations that are in their best interest. Plus, it includes all the required disclosures necessary to provide transparent and comprehensive service.

You could begin the process by sending a Strategy Assessment to a client as a Generational Vault invitation. Each Strategy Assessment is built from a reflexive question engine that adjusts subsequent modules and questions based on the client’s answers.

Your clients complete the confidential questions and submit the data, which is directly input into Virtual Advisor to update their records.

Your clients’ information can be immediately forwarded to the CFPs, CPAs and CFAs on the Case Central team who will analyze and collectively prepare with your input the financial reports you need to craft the best solution for your clients.

In addition to being a dynamic and interactive data collection tool, Strategy Assessments also help to educate and empower your clients by explaining the concepts covered in the report and clarifying why certain questions are asked. By the end of an assessment, your clients will have a better understanding of their financial situation – and be ready for help addressing it.

With our help, you can seamlessly integrate this technology into your appointment process and begin serving the best interests of your clients in a way that is completely transparent, documented and disclosed.

Proprietary Financial Analysis

Not all client scenarios are the same – our proprietary software reports and financial analysis ensures you always have the right tools to craft the appropriate solution for each client. The New Generation Retirement Planning Process consistently relies on four key reports to help you serve your clients:

New Generation retirement Planning Featured Reports

Color of Money Risk Analysis

Before a client can make an informed decision about their assets, they need to have a clear understanding about their own attitudes toward risk and how it might relate to their retirement. Color of Money Risk Analysis explores how your clients feel about potential gains and losses, and the uncertainty and predictability of their assets.

Asset Map

Asset Map is an interactive online tool that provides insight into your client’s current investment portfolio. By creating a detailed map of their current financial landscape and charting possible routes to their desired financial future, they can explore and dynamically review the impact of each potential route.

Portfolio Analysis Review

Our proprietary Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process gives your clients a detailed breakdown and thorough written analysis of their entire investment portfolio. The PAR process includes an asset inventory, Morningstar Report, investment analysis, Portfolio Pilot Report, and personalized portfolio solutions, which helps your clients understand the possible risks and rewards of their current financial situation.

Retirement Compass

Retirement Compass will help you chart your clients’ income planning destination using proprietary tools, such as a growth calculator, CD vs. annuity comparison, and income rider comparisons. The report shows multiple sources of income and the best strategy for your clients to take income throughout retirement.

But these aren’t the only things in our repertoire, you have access to a comprehensive suite of reports to ensure you can provide your clients with the financial analysis that is most relevant to their particular circumstances.

1040 Snapshot

The 1040 Snapshot software provides a picture of your clients’ current tax situation and clearly demonstrates opportunities to minimize tax liabilities today and in the future.

Asset Altimeter

Help determine the viability of your clients’ current retirement plans. Show them the projected growth of their assets, and illustrate multiple strategies that can help maintain the longevity of their retirement income.

Custom Annuity Policy Review

Examine the rider fees and internal expenses associated with a variable annuity policy to illustrate the cost associated with owning the policy and how it may affect the potential return.

Financial Pyramid

Financial Pyramid is a full-fledged financial planning software that can support your transition to fee-based planning. Create a financial plan that covers asset allocation, income planning, taxation and legacy planning - including complete cash flow and net worth statements.

Income Aviator

Providing income during retirement is like flying through turbulence. If your clients are concerned about outliving their income, Income Aviator will bring structure to an otherwise confusing concept. Draft a retirement flight plan to illustrate how to partition retirement assets to maximize returns.

Income Rider Comparison

The Income Rider Comparison software helps you distinguish the best solution for your clients’ needs by sorting available products in your state and illustrating carriers and products with the highest income options.

IRA Legacy

Determine when and how your clients should take their required minimum distributions, what they should do with them, how to plan for transferring wealth, and whether it makes sense to convert a 401(k) or traditional IRA to Roth IRA.

Legacy Maximizer

By leveraging existing financial vehicles wisely, you can create generational wealth for your clients that can be insulated from future tax law changes. This report demonstrates the opportunity to take a distribution to fund a life insurance policy, dramatically increasing your clients’ legacy.

Morningstar Reports

Morningstar, one of the largest third-party rating agencies in the country, offers an unbiased analysis of your clients’ current investments.

Navigator Report

The sophisticated Navigator Reporting system monitors the execution of your clients’ financial plan, providing real-time statements on their account activity, investment values, and up-to-date portfolio performance.

Portfolio Pilot

Analyze the risk/reward ratio of your clients’ current portfolios. Assess their desired risk tolerance and offer alternative solutions within our 20 proprietary model portfolios. Help them gain clarity knowing their assets are appropriately allocated.

Retirement X-Ray

The Retirement X-Ray system is designed to mirror a physician’s exam, from diagnosis to treatment, for your clients’ pre- and post-retirement plan.

Roth Conversion

Provide an objective analysis prepared by a CPA to determine if a Roth IRA conversion is appropriate for your clients, taking into account the affect of converting available retirement assets, paying the conversion tax with other assets, and allowing the Roth IRA to grow.

Social Security Maximization

This report analyzes all possible filing strategies, examines multiple opportunities and recommends the best solution for your clients. It provides a complete retirement roadmap with specific dates and instructions to optimize their Social Security income.

Gradient Financial Group and its affiliated companies are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency. This content is for informational purposes only and should not be used to make any financial decisions.