Patron Transport

Transport Your Festival Patrons

Patron Transport Service formally FesTaxi is the nations first and largest event taxi service. Specializing in multi day, campout events. Debuting in 2005 in Mn, we have grown to become the nations largest and most efficient service of its kind. We work with the largest events in the nation and continue to grow year after year. Specializing in logistics there is no hurdle or task we can’t overcome.

Today’s large scale gatherings are more and more like instant cities popping up around the country for short periods. We are the wheels on the road that keeps people moving. Patron Transport represents the best in moving your patrons to and from, well rested and ready to enjoy there event

Among other things Patron Transport provides access to elderly, injured, and mobility impaired customers that allows them to see and experience a much larger portion of the event then otherwise possible. We actively contribute to the safety of patrons finding their way home in the late night hours and alleviate the bottle necking of crowds during high traffic times.

Patron Transport has maintained a positive relationship with many festivals over our 10yrs in business. Welook forward to any new events interested in providing our service to your guests,Contact us to find out how it works.