Patron Transport


The Company

Patron Transport provides a 24 hour golf-cart taxi service within the campgrounds of music and cultural events. Using six passenger golf-carts we keep people moving and rested to enjoy there events. We use designated stops, radio communication, and dispatch phone numbers to provide a premium service to as many patrons as possible.

We debuted in 2005 at the 10klf and WeFest in Mn, 10yrs later we have grown to the largest and most efficient event taxi service in the nation. Working the largest events in the nation from coast to coast.

We have provided safe and thorough taxi service to many festivals in excess of 75,000 patrons. We are the first and only company of our kind to consistently deliver service of this level year after year with a flawless safety record and excellent customer service.

The Staff

The owners, managers and staff that run the day to day have a combined over 100 years in the festival operations business. We have worked many festivals over several seasons and provide a solid foundation for the operation of our company. We hire and train with the goal of bringing the friendliest, safest, and most competent crew to every event.

In addition to the basics of operating taxis our drivers seek to be a part of the overall event. Through cart decoration, costumes and the power of personality Patron Transport provides a practical service in a fun and interactive way.

Our management team brings experience from all aspects of the festival world and beyond. They direct the energies of the drivers to provide a premium experience for the customers while maintaining the high safety standard we insist upon.

Our drivers and staff are what make us the best choice for any event. They are the backbone of our company and they provide the magic that makes us a positive addition to any show.

Additional Services

Please inquire about out additional services including ADA carts, staff shuttles, and VIP and Premium services.

Patron Transport works with the largest golf cart vendors in the nation and are able to provide bids to offer your entire event carts.