Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Retirement Income - Do you have a lifetime income plan in place? Will you outlive your retirement savings?
  • Market Volatility - How do you help protect your retirement from another downturn? Do you know how to measure how much of your retirement assets are at risk?
  • Social Security - How to maximize your benefits? How to reduce or eliminate taxes on Social Security?
  • Rollovers - What are your options if you've recently left your employer or experienced tremendous losses? Is a rollover conversion an appropriate option for you?
  • Legacy Planning - Are your retirement assets properly preserved? Will your wishes be respected and loved ones taken care of?
  • Required Minimum Distribution's - How to protect yourself from the 50% tax trap?

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We specialize in Income Planning, Investment Advisory, and Legacy Planning. We provide our clients with an unbiased view and a roadmap to retirement to help meet their objectives. Our loyalty is solely to our clients, so our trusted Advisors choose the products and programs that will best suit the client and not the Advisors.

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