San Antonio, Texas

Home to the 2016 Gradient Summit, San Antonio sits at the crossroads of multiple histories and cultures, and is both a memorial to and promise of the frontier spirit. The city owes its unique character to a heritage that was influenced by many, but created by none. Explore the legends of the city and wander its vision for the future at the 2016 Gradient Summit!

The city was heavily impacted by numerous cultures: Native American, Colonial Spain, the Canary Islands, Old Mexico, Germany, the Wild West and the Deep South all left their impression on the streets and neighborhoods of San Antonio. Find relics from each when you wander the San Antonio River Walk, remember the Alamo, or explore the King William Historic District.

The city blends history and modernization with its diverse nightlife: two-step to live music available year-round in the Main Plaza or salsa the night away at Graham Central Station. You can also enjoy a vibrant and exquisite cross section of cuisines. Delight your palette with a margarita and sizzling enchiladas, or luxuriate in a steak that has been seared to perfection.

Come to the 2016 Gradient Summit in San Antonio and find the new frontier for your success!