Generational Vault

24-hour client access to their financial life

Generational Vault is a virtual "safety deposit box" for your clients to upload important documents and view financial information.

Generational Vault is a virtual “safety deposit box” for your clients to upload important documents and view financial information. It comprises three dynamic components, including a secure portal to pass and store confidential financial documents, daily investment and banking values powered by third-party vendor By All Accounts as well as snapshots of financial assets and expenses for your clients to view their full financial position, and client corner featuring a welcome video, monthly newsletters, market commentary and meeting alerts. Generational Vault features your company branding and is available from your website 24/7. All data is secured with an SSL Certificate that uses a 2048-bit public encryption key, one of the strongest available, and adheres to compliance and regulatory requirements. Generational Vault is the fourth phase* in the powerful KonnexME platform, as it allows your clients to manage their financial position from one location on your website.

Client Account Values

If your clients are challengd with multiple accounts and statements, the Generational Vault can be the solution. The system is designed to update your clients’ investment values on a daily basis with charts and graphs depicting results. Now, they can easily view the whole portfolio to make sure their investments are doing what they are supposed to do.

Financial Reporting

Net worth and cash flow statements are fluid. As life changes, so does your net worth and cash flow. With the included financial reporting tools, your clients can see an up-to-the-day snapshot of their financial life. This will help both you and your client make decisions about budgeting and investing to achieve financial success.

Online Vaulting and Storage

To help your clients’ organize their personal documents and financial statements, the Generational Vault was designed to serve as an online filing cabinet. The financial service professional can load information into the client vault and so can the client. Viewable 24 hours a day and seven days a week, your clients can always access their most important information. All they need is internet access.

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