Virtual Marketing

The challenge isn't marketing ... the challenge is managing it.

Virtual Marketing is a dedicated team to support all aspects of your marketing, helping put your marketing on autopilot!

Successfully running your practice is extremely challenging – from managing your appointments to handling the day-to-day operations of your business.

Your marketing efforts are most likely to suffer with all the demands of your busy schedule. But, what could you accomplish if someone did your marketing for you?

Virtual Marketing makes marketing simple – when you turn it over to the pros we will reduce your workload, decrease your marketing expenses and increase your income by helping you manage your time more effectively!

Virtual Marketing is a dedicated team to support all aspects of your marketing. You will be able to keep multiple marketing campaigns active at one time – from ongoing communications with clients and prospects, to turnkey campaigns and event assistance. Virtual Marketing puts your marketing on autopilot!

Client Engagement Package

Marketing Email Campaigns, Monthly Newsletters and Client Appreciation Programs for all occasions including personalized cards and gourmet gift cakes and cookies.

Client Appreciation and Educational Event Planning Assistance

We can help you find the perfect venue, choose the menu, send the invitations – everything to ensure your event is a huge success.

Marketing Calendar

An online view of your campaign schedule and marketing initiatives, events, fulfillment and staff activities and coordination.

Marketing Fulfillment

Planning, creation and implementation – your virtual marketing team has years of combined experience to design and customize personalized marketing materials, direct mailings, letters, PowerPoints and seminars to fit your practice.

Technology Experts

We support the ongoing data integration and maintenance of your Virtual Advisor and Generational Vault.

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